After the initial design phase, we discuss and finalise all types of detailed drawings with our clients.

Following the approval of the initial design stage, we incorporate all of the information, requirements, and wishes of our clients in to the final drawing process. We accomplish the following outcomes:

  • Fully develop the approved design into Detailed Plans & Detailed Construction Drawings to scale that fully describe the intent of the design. These drawings should be sufficient for construction purposes.
  • Develop necessary M&E Drawings (in terms of design purposes only) :
    - Reflected Ceiling Plan
    - Electrical Plan
    - Lighting Plan (Include fittings and specifications)
    - ACMV Plan (To specify aircon diffuser location only)
  • Appointment of respective Qualified PE to develop all Mechanical & Electrical Drawings with technical & mechanical specifications (Electrical Single-line drawings, Sprinkler, Plumbing, ACMV ducting etc.).
  • All necessary submissions to the building management authority to obtain approval & work permit.

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