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Restaurant Interiors that Touches the Heart and Stimulates the Appetite

Cactus Art is also a renowned F&B renovation contractor in Singapore, helping restaurant owners to elevate their outlets to greater heights through our F&B interior design solutions.

We are one of the leading experts of restaurant renovation contractor for various F&B, including cafe interior design in Singapore. Cactus Art collaborates with Metanoya Interior Design, a renowned restaurant renovation contractor to deliver interior designing and F&B interior design in Singapore – from Instagram-worthy cafes to upscale dining restaurants.

This collaboration enables us to stamp our mark in the F&B sphere, by creating restaurant interior design masterpieces with an atmosphere that provides a holistic dining experience for customers. We are confident we can provide a one stop solution for F&B interior design Singapore and renovation of any type of restaurants, cafes or kiosks.

We fully comprehend that the full dining experience encompasses not only the food you eat and the people you dine with, but also, the space in which the meal is served. As one of the most prominent restaurant renovation contractor in Singapore’s F&B space, we make sure that our interior designers are always up-to-date with the latest trends and requirements needed in the F&B industry. Therefore, we take extra effort as an F&B renovation contractor Singapore to ensure that our renovation projects result in restaurant interiors with environments that touch the heart and appeal to the senses, whilst the food warms the soul.

The Cactus Art team is also fully aware that the interior setting of an F&B outlet should not only cater to the customers, but also to the staff. While undergoing the space-planning process during the restaurant interior design, we take extra precaution to ensure that there is ample space to maneuver about comfortably, even during peak hours and full houses.