How We Work

At Cactus Art, we implement a comprehensive methodology - from pre-design to construction -

giving our clients abundant support and guidance throughout their renovation journey. No matter the type or scale of project, we adhere to a stringent work process which enable us to continuously deliver quality, over and over again.

As an office interior designer in Singapore, we understand the importance of working cohesively as a team without any hindrances. Space planning is essential to ensure that every one in the office is able to work comfortably while having enough personal space when required. Therefore, we adopt this space-planning knowledge into every office space design that are assigned to us to create a corporate setting that befits the requirement of your company. Office renovation services has been our area of specialization for years, therefore we are confident that the results will exceed your expectations in all aspects.

Thanks to our stellar reputation as an office renovation contractor in Singapore, consultants create innovative & inspiring trading office design in Singapore, we are proud of our ability to assist customers from initial design formation through complete commercial office interior design in Singapore and abroad.



Pre-Design Stage

The pre-design stage is extremely detailed and thorough as it ensures that every detail is incorporated into the final design. Getting this right prevents any oversight or the need to rectify any issues in the subsequent stages. The pre-design stage takes care of all the little details and ensures that we fully understand and meet your needs as a client. The process includes:



Design Stage

Working with the information gathered during the pre-design phase, we provide a range of plans and designs so that our clients know exactly how their space will look. Our design process is tried and tested to make your life easier. Everything you need in your space is incorporated into our designs right at the onset. We present each client with a detailed design based on their respective needs and requirements. We also include:



Drawing Stage

After the initial design phase, we will discuss and finalize all detailed drawings with our clients.

Upon the approval of the initial design stage, we will incorporate all of the information, requirements, and requests of our clients into the final drawing process. At this stage, we accomplish the following outcomes:



Construction Stage

This is where ideas and visions are translated into reality. After taking the time to design the perfect space, Cactus Art proceeds on assuring the quality at each stage of the construction process. During the construction phase, Cactus Art takes care of: