What We Do

As a prolific design and build interior designer in Singapore, Cactus Art has developed a diverse portfolio, consisting of corporate office interior designs, commercial projects, F&B outlets such as restaurants and cafes.

We have built a stellar trademark of delivering every project with passion and sincerity while taking into account your personal and professional requirements. Our sincerity and professionalism enables us to establish a good relationship with our clients. After going through the renovation journey with us, clients not only trust our ability but some have even become good friends with us. As a result, many of our corporate and commercial clients also engage us to renovate their personal residential homes thanks to this strong relationship.

From design consultation to space planning, our project management experts take into consideration even the finest details in order to ensure that you have the space of your dreams. Our interior design team takes pride in creating interiors that bring a smile to the faces of every one who lays their eyes on the space.

As an established design and build company that emphasizes strongly on individuality and distinctiveness, you can depend on Cactus Art to deliver a comprehensive renovation package from start to finish. The interior design and renovation services that we provide include:

As an office interior designer in Singapore, we understand the importance of working cohesively as a team without any hindrances. Space planning is essential to ensure that every one in the office is able to work comfortably while having enough personal space when required. Therefore, we adopt this space-planning knowledge into every office space design that are assigned to us to create a corporate setting that befits the requirement of your company. Office renovation services has been our area of specialization for years, therefore we are confident that the results will exceed your expectations in all aspects.

Thanks to our stellar reputation as an office renovation contractor in Singapore, consultants create innovative & inspiring trading office design in Singapore, we are proud of our ability to assist customers from initial design formation through complete commercial office interior design in Singapore and abroad.



Design and Build

Over the years, Cactus Art Interior Design is recognised as one of the most renowned interior design and renovation firms in Singapore. For every design project we undertake, our team strives to create a people-centric space, an important attribute that every interior should have. At Cactus Art, we are not just interior designers; we are involved in the construction process as well. Our team has the capability to build every part of your interior from scratch, giving you the ability to create a truly bespoke interior.

This also means that we act as the facilitator between our clients and all the contractors and other parties involved. With Cactus Art, owners only need to liaise and coordinate with one party, which is our interior designer. Our expert will act as the middle person who will facilitate the entire renovation process, including managing the contractors and sub-contractors. By streamlining the renovation process, we are able to control the costs for our clients while ensuring that the project is executed in a timely manner. We form an alliance, with a unified goal – to create practical, functional, and stylish interiors for you. As we oversee the entire renovation process, we will be able to provide peace of mind for all of our clients.



Design Consultancy

Being experts in interior design, we invest a great amount of time to understand what is required of your space. For example, before we embark on a corporate office space interior design project, we will identify elements such as nature of your business, the brand you intend to build, the values you uphold, the number of staff you have, etc. This enables us to create a unique design identity that fully represents these traits while also ensuring that every one can work comfortably.

We will take into consideration such as space planning, materials used, and even the decor and aesthetic elements to derive with an exclusive design identity. Thereafter, we maintain its continuity through all aspects of design and execution across your space – creating a unique lasting impression that will last the test of time.

Our interior design experts will provide professional consultation and advice on the best interior design approaches for your project, based on the latest trends as well as your budget, needs, and preferences. We will advise you on the right furniture choices, what materials suit your interior best, colour tones used, and many more. Regardless of any renovation projects that we undertake, our interior designers does not hesitate to share their knowledge with clients, ensuring that you have a trusted companion that guides and accompanies you throughout the renovation process.



Project Management

Sit back, relax, and let our experienced project managers do all the work for you! From liaising with relevant parties to site supervision and monitoring, you can trust us to manage your renovation project from start to finish. Our project managers have only one purpose in mind – to make the interior design process as painless and hassle-free for every client.

At Cactus Art, we equip ourselves with in-depth understanding of all the factors that are imperative for a beautiful and functional interior setting. We make sure that our interior design concepts are reflective of your needs and preferences, resulting in interiors that are appealing to all the senses. Our project managers also have strong problem-solving capabilities, enabling them to resolve any issues or problems that arise with ease.