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We leverage our formidable expertise to ensure that the process of renovating your commercial space is a breeze. We are known for our attention to detail and intricate space-planning capabilities to ensure that your commercial space matches your branding and business needs. From colour scheme to material usage to decor, we ensure that your interior synchronizes with your brand.

The main commercial interior design projects that we take on are in the service and expertise sector such as private schools, hair loss treatment centre, healthcare centre, beauty salon, wellness centres, and etc. Also, we make sure that your interior complements your branding and business goals.

When it comes designing a commercial unit, optimizing a commercial space should be centered about the customer in terms of creating a space where customers can feel safe and comfortable while enjoying the facilities and services rendered. As a design and build company, Cactus Art helps to ensure that you can add customization to your commercial space, enabling you to provide top-notch service for your customers. This sincerity and unrivalled dedication towards helping you build a commercial space that reflects your business’ branding and culture while also assisting you to improve customer experience are amongst the reasons why we are known as a prestigious commercial renovation contractor in Singapore.

Commercial renovation is not purely about the aesthetics, but also the functionality it provides. In recent years, the commercial interior design scene has evolved tremendously, combining both form and function to provide a comprehensive experience for customers. Our space-planning specialists also ensures that your facility is properly laid out, facilitating seamless movement for staff and customers. Moreover, attractive and comfortable interiors can also be one of the reasons for customers to keep coming back.

The Cactus Art team is capable of taking on any kind of commercial concept that best suits your company branding and needs. We also ensure that the design concept brings out your corporate image and gives off a positive and professional look and feel that will not fail to impress.