Extraordinary Spaces

Cactus Art brings brand story and retail concept to life, making us on of the Best Commercial Interior Design and Corporate Office Interior Design Companies in Singapore

We take pride in creating extraordinary spaces that deliver to your needs.

Imagine spaces that empower workplace processes, support immersive retail journeys and most of all, sustainable liveable homes that transform as a family grows.

A premium interior design company in Singapore, Cactus Art specializes in corporate office interior design and commercial interior design. We believe that in our hands, there is no ordinary space, merely extraordinary spaces to be brought to life.

Our company provides the knowledge for your needs of corporate interior, office design and commercial interior design or new construction project to ensure your premises as the image of your identity. With over 20 years proficiency, we have become a trustworthy commercial interior designers in the industry. Our corporate interior design company aspire to be the best, one of the most reliable interior design companies in Singapore.

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