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The Cactus Art Story

At Cactus Art, we go out of our way to take a people-centric approach to create bespoke interiors for all industries - be it corporate office, F&B, commercial, and residential sectors.

We take extra effort to understand your needs, enabling us to devise interior spaces that perfectly befit and represent you. Widely regarded as one of the most innovative commercial interior design companies in Singapore, we strive to build and design interiors that resonate with your brand and company culture.

We pride ourselves in our ability to connect with our clients, interpreting their vision into a distinctive space filled with personality. We have built a solid reputation as a leading interior design company in Singapore. At Cactus Art, we treat every interior undertaken, be it corporate office interior design or otherwise, as a unique piece of art, striving to turn them into brilliant masterpieces. Just like every delicate stroke taken by a master artist, every single detail is meticulously planned to create a space that is tailor-made. This attention to detail and sincerity towards every design has made us a reputable corporate interior design company in Singapore.

Our Art Gallery

Over the years, we have had the privilege of undertaking various renovation projects which includes and extends beyond corporate office interior design. Despite being renowned and acknowledged industry-wide as a corporate interior design company in Singapore, we are not a one-trick pony as we have amassed an impressive portfolio across the F&B, commercial, and residential sectors as well. Take a look at the pieces of art done by our team of corporate interior designers below!


World Table Tennis

Unlike any traditional office setup, WTT’s office is a dynamic workspace encompassing sleek design, holistic working environment and a strong brand identity. A unique entrance featuring a grand octagonal doorway highlighted accented with LED lighting in bold colour scheme fostering strong visual connections to the sport arena. Click on the link below to watch out how we incorporate athletic aesthetics into an office space.


Watson Marlow Fluid Technology Group

The defining feature of this interior space are curved lines, shapes, and walls, which corresponds with the company’s brand of providing smooth-flowing fluid motion. Greeneries are incorporated to continue the nature theme, while adding an inviting vibe to the interior setting. Click on the link below for a complete description of this space.


Furen International School

Collaboration Area

The collaboration area is a monochrome space that sparks inspiration, innovation, and creativity. Despite only featuring 3 colours – black, white, and gray, each corner has its own distinctive charm and flair. Circles and curves are used to form a one-of-a-kind interior. Discover more about this beautiful space by clicking on the button below!


Furen International School

Main Reception

The reception area features a professional setting that is infused with a warm and friendly vibe, perfect for welcoming visitors. By implementing ingenious space planning approaches, this 800sqft space has been converted into an open area with maximum versatility and flexibility. Find out more about this appealing space by clicking on the button below!

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At Cactus Art, every interior concept, from the most exquisite corporate office interior design concepts to the most inviting commercial interior design, every project is designed from the heart and with sincerity. Don’t just take our word for it; hear what our past clients had to share about their experiences renovating with Cactus Art!

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