Commercial Interior Design for Furen International School

Furen International School > Main Reception

Design & Build

The reception area features a grand and biophilic design that creates a professional yet approachable setting – perfect for welcoming visitors. Light-coloured wood are complemented with indoor plants to to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

By implementing ingenious space planning approaches, we exceeded expectations by converting this 800sqft space into an open area with maximum versatility and flexibility. The layout is designed to comfortably accommodate a large crowd easily without feeling stuffy or cramped. This space is created to be utilized fully, enabling the staff to be able to work and meet with parents, visitors, and others at any part of this open space comfortably.

Every space is exquisitely designed, giving each their respective charm, combining visually appealing aesthetics, practical space planning, and uncompromised functionality.

The casual but professional layout extends to the general office area where the staff works. The nature-rich interior makes for a comfortable working environment and the open space setting enables easy collaboration and movement throughout the space. The workspace cubicles allow for ample privacy for each employee yet having ample openness without impeding collaboration efforts.

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