Furen International School

Design & Build

Bringing the ideas of Furen’s principal to life, the focus of the campus’ interior design concept is to accommodate to the needs of the students and teachers while befitting the school’s status as a world-class education institution.

By incorporating contemporary interior design concepts and space-planning ingenuity, Furen International School proves that it is not impossible to create a conducive environment for its students to thrive despite the lack of an outdoor space.

Every space is exquisitely designed, giving each their respective charm, combining visually appealing aesthetics, practical space planning, and uncompromised functionality.

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Library Area

The library serves as the perfect sanctuary for Furen’s students to revise their homework and obtain resources to increase their knowledge. A tranquil environment is created through sound acoustic partitions and doors, while its airy and spacious layout means that there is ample space for everyone.

A detail and seems simple yet significant, the bookshelves have a reachable height so that every teacher and student has access to the materials they require. The library also has a neutral palette that creates a warm and comforting ambience where students can spend hours.

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Activity Area

Furen also wanted to have an area where students can take a break from their studies without needing to leave the campus. To achieve this, a modern relaxation area was designed for students to unwind from the rigours of academic life. It features a playful colour scheme with a multicoloured wall of square panels in vibrant hues that stimulate creativity and energy. The area is also furnished with contemporary hanging egg chairs, providing a cosy and inviting pace for students to relax or socialise with their friends and classmates.

Furen also wanted to emphasise the importance of health and physical education. As such, a state-of-the-art fitness room built, installed with various exercise equipment including treadmills and weight stations. 

The room has a sleek, professional look dominated by grays and blacks, accented by vibrant orange for a dynamic and energetic touch.

The soft and recessed lighting creates a warm atmosphere that encourages social interaction. Indoor plants are also incorporated to bring nature into the interior, creating a space that promotes not just physical, but mental and emotional health as well.

Collaboration Area

This area was designed to encourage teamwork and innovation amongst students, supporting the school’s commitment to providing a well-rounded education and nurturing environment for its students. This vision is brought to reality through its design.

The area is creatively designed for group work, collaboration, and productivity – equipped with flexible seating arrangements, ranging from a public discussion area to specialized booths for students who prefer more privacy. The ceiling is black and features lighting fixtures – a combination that reminds one of a starry night sky.

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Reading Area

Clad in pristine white, the reading area serves as an escape for students and teachers to delve into their favourite reads. This area features sleek clean lines and an open, airy space which promotes a tranquil environment. The neutral colour palette, predominantly featuring whites and light wood tones, further enhances the spaciousness and bright atmosphere.

The highlight of this space is the bespoke, curved white bookshelf. Apart from being the main reading area with part of it being a table with bar stools, it indirectly provides a seamless transition between different areas.



The most important area of a school is undoubtedly the classrooms as they are the primary learning spaces where academic activities occur. We took the principals’ vision of creating classrooms that facilitate an engaging learning environment.

All 18 classrooms feature modern, ergonomic layouts and advanced technological aids that enhance the learning experience for students. Classes are kept small so that every Furen student can capture the attention of their teachers. The colour scheme for the classrooms is kept to black and white to avoid unnecessary distractions.

Art Room

Artistic expression is also fully embraced at Furen. A modern art room, designed to cater to the creative needs of the international school students. The space is characterised by a neutral colour palette, with grey walls that serve as a backdrop for the vibrant artwork to be displayed. This choice ensures that the students’ artwork remains the focal point of the room.

The use of easels allows for easy movement around the room, indicating a flexible layout that can be adapted to different teaching methods and styles. The room is equipped with modern LED track lighting, providing ample illumination for art creation without the harshness of direct overhead lights, which can be detrimental to the details of the artwork.


This laboratory design prioritises both form and function, providing a contemporary and engaging environment conducive to learning and experimentation for an international school. Showcasing a minimalist interior, the laboratory’s design and layout is ideal for an international school setting where functionality and aesthetics are key.

Recording Room

The recording room presents a stylish and functional space that ticks all the boxes in terms of comfort, aesthetics, and practicality – making it ideal for educational purposes. The green screen wall provides a versatile background for video projects and presentations, allowing for digital backgrounds to be added in post-production, providing essential support for multimedia projects.

The room is illuminated by a series of track lights, providing adjustable lighting options to suit various recording needs.

Student’s Cafe

The modern and stylish student cafeteria is grand and spacious, integrating contemporary elements with functionality, ensuring that the space is conducive to both dining and social interaction. The cafeteria features a mix of seating arrangements, including individual tables and more casual lounge-style chairs, offering flexibility for different social settings.

The use of natural wood tones throughout the space adds warmth to the space, while the contrasting black accents give a sleek, modern feel. A vibrant green living wall adds a touch of nature and contributes to the overall wellbeing of the users by purifying the air and providing a calming effect.

The serving counters are contemporary, with display cases showcasing an array of food options. The back wall features chalkboard menus and coffee-related quotes, creating an engaging and dynamic focal point.

The cafeteria includes large windows or cut-outs overlooking greenery, which, along with the indoor plants, infuse the space with life and vitality.

Teacher’s Cafe

The teacher’s cafeteria has been designed as a relaxing retreat for the staff. The interior design marries functionality with aesthetic appeal, creating an environment that is both welcoming and stylish. Upon entering, one is greeted by a clean and bright space, with a neutral colour palette of whites and grays that lends an air of calm and sophistication.

The flooring is a mixture of sleek white tiles and areas accented with patterned tiles, offering visual interest and defining different zones within the cafeteria. Seating options vary from individual chairs and tables to communal long tables, accommodating different group sizes and interactions among teachers.

Main Reception

The main reception area showcases a modern, eco-friendly interior – featuring a combination of nature’s beauty with a human’s sublime handiwork. Wooden elements and lush vertical gardens create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. Thoughtfully placed lighting fixtures, including pendant lights with greenery, illuminate the space warmly – ideal for welcoming students, staff, and visitors.

In terms of the reception desk, it curves gracefully, complementing the sleek, contemporary furniture and the spacious layout that facilitates a smooth flow of visitors. Large windows ensure a bright, airy feel, connecting the indoors with the natural world outside.

Student Services Office

Furen’s vibrant and enriching environment is apparent from the entrance. The reception area is a grand and open space which conveys a professional yet approachable vibe – ideal for welcoming anyone that steps into the main door of Furen International School.

The open concept layout by the reception provides ample space to comfortably accommodate a large crowd easily.
Light-coloured wood furnishings create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

VIP Meeting Lounge

The VIP meeting lounge is a refined and inviting space, designed to support both formal and casual interactions with Furen’s most distinguished guests. As you enter, your attention is immediately drawn to the monochromatic carpet that has a striking geometric pattern which adds depth and character to the room.

The seating arrangement combines modern elegance and comfort. The plush, off-white sofa invites conversation, while the patterned armchairs offer both style and support.

The walls are adorned with minimalist arch-shaped alcoves, each housing a subtle lighting fixture that casts a soft, ambient glow, enhancing the serene and exclusive feel of the lounge – adding a touch of warmth to the space. Against one wall, tall windows with adjustable blinds allow natural light to filter in, offering control over privacy and ambience.

Conference Room

The conference room is designed in such a way that it maintains the warm environment yet still attains the professional feeling. Double glazed glass were used to ensure any sound from outside will be minimized as much as possible. Window blinds and frosted glass are to guarantee that the space obtains privacy whenever required.

Admin Office

The administration office is designed with a modern, minimalist style, featuring glass partitions for an open feel. Natural lighting gives the space an uplifting warmth and brightness, ensuring a workplace that inspires productivity. Neutral palettes with the addition of yellow accents are added to give the space an extra dose of vibrancy.

The office is furnished with ergonomic chairs and spacious tables to facilitate collaborative work, while built-in storage units contribute towards a sleek appearance.

Acoustic-friendly materials ensure a quiet environment, and decorative art adds an intellectual vibe, reflecting the school’s educational ethos.

Counselling Room

The counselling room is designed with a minimalist and modern approach, ideal for an international school. It features a white table with contemporary teal chairs, clear glass pendant lights with greenery, and a green carpet that mimics grass, adding a natural touch.

The room includes a mounted flat-screen and asymmetrical shelves, offering functionality. The colour scheme is neutral, with white and light grey walls that accentuate the room’s tranquil and inviting atmosphere.


Furen spares no expense when it comes to the interior design of its campus, which includes its washrooms. They feature sleek, freestanding pedestal sinks with minimalist faucets, reflecting a contemporary style that matches the other areas of the school. The bathrooms don’t just serve a functional purpose but also contributes to the overall architectural narrative of the school, demonstrating an investment in the students’ comfort and well-being.

The mirrors above the sinks are framed with bold, black lines that add a graphic element to the space, enhancing its visual appeal. A warm, neutral colour palette is chosen for the walls and floors, with subtle marble textures offering a sense of luxury and cleanliness.