office space planning by cactus art

Singapore Pharmatech

Design & Build

For this headquarters of a wellness supplement brand, a neutral colour scheme was adopted by using light wood furnishings which creates a warm and inviting ambience in the main receptionist area. Greenery and potted plants are also generously incorporated throughout all the rooms in this interior setting, which further accentuates the nature theme of the space while further enhancing the zen-like vibe which the brand owner desired.

Textured walls were also utilized abundantly to add a textural element that elevates the aesthetical aspect of this space. Another highlight is the usage of curved and rounded furniture, which creates an element of movement and adding softness to the interior. The lack of partitions and walls opens the space, preventing the interior from being claustrophobic and suffocating.


Vertical space is also brilliantly utilized through the usage of built-in storage units and display shelves, opening up the floor for more mobility while ensuring that functionality is not compromised.

Let’s delve into the reasons why al sham stone. : design eettafelstoelen van hoogwaardige materialen zoals leer of velvet, met prijzen van €150 en hoger per stoel.