Your Dedicated Office Design & Office Renovation Contractor in Singapore

Your Dedicated Office Design & Office Renovation Contractor in Singapore

Cactus Art’s Story Vol.1

What place pops up in your mind when you first see these pictures in an Instagram post? A café, gym, shopping mall, or a community center? If you haven’t been there, you would never imagine that this is a private school in Singapore. This popular and trending design completely breaks away from the traditional campus architecture and is full of futuristic and humanistic touch.


Chief Designer & Executive Director of Cactus Art

Angie and her core team

Surprisingly, the team behind this project is a group of talented “Designing Women”, who are from one of Singapore’s leading interior design firms – Cactus Art Design & Furnishing Pte Ltd. Angie, the executive director of Cactus Art, consistently pushes the boundaries and continues to gain recognition and trust from customers.

Attentive & Active Communication

A good designer is one who knows how to listen and communicate

Angie believes that understanding the needs of customers is the first step in successful design. It is through the active comprehension of clients’ living or working style that allows them to create their customer’s desired home and office.

Clients usually have a vague idea of how they would like their spaces to be designed, but are unable to articulate accurately. As such, Angie aims to uncover the “requirements” in clients’ “no requirements” responses and bring about a space that truly reflects each client’s uniqueness.

Take, for example, their project for a local securities and financial management firm. The CEO of the company is a nice and friendly Japanese who came to her with no specific design in mind for the office. Through effective communication, Angie and her team found out that the CEO prefers white and grey colours, and likes simple yet elegant design but was worried that his approximately 200sqm office space would not seem spacious enough. He also conveyed that he would like some accent colour in the room.

With these key insights and after many rounds of discussion with her team, Angie decided on a classic and exquisite concept, using white and grey as the office’s main palette and elements of green on the carpet, furnishings and cabinets. Given the space constraint, they had to use floor-to-ceiling glasses as partitions to take up as little space as possible and ensure good lighting at the same time.

3D Plan for local investment and financial company - THEORIA

Keeping in mind that the company’s main business is securities investment, Angie’s team also added some small pixel blocks on the floor-to-ceiling glass to illustrate the fluctuations of the stock market.

In addition, to conserve space in the space-scarce office, they converted the original structural pillars into concealed storage areas for stationaries and miscellaneous items.

Creative Office Renovation Services: Structural pillars are merged into storage spaces with hidden doors,

This minimalist design might seem simple but it perfectly captured the client’s requirements. The proposal was approved by the CEO without a single amendment, because the 3D design shows exactly what he had in mind.