An Unique International School Interior Design Project

An Unique International School Interior Design Project

Cactus Art’s Story Vol.2

Retaining the Beauty of Design

“If Ieoh Ming Pei (I.M.Pei) did not insist on his belief in his aesthetic and innovative ideas, the “huge gem in the Louvre Palace” will never be shining in the history of world’s architecture today.”

Furen International School, the private school we mentioned in the earlier article, has a relationship with Cactus Art for 20 years. Principal Li Wei is always fond of Angie’s designs. But when Li and her colleagues first saw the design outline, they were a little hesitant. Although the design was great and had met all her needs, it will inevitably make people doubt: Will this look like a school?

Despite understanding that Principal Li may have her reasonable doubts, Angie believes that a responsible designer will sometimes have to persist in their ideas to retain the beauty of design for client.

Angie’s reply to Principal Li was that since she has always wanted to provide a different education system from public schools and other private schools, so why should the school be the same as others, and why can’t she define her own school?”

As a result, the futuristic “12 constellations-themed” academic discussion area was retained;

The Starbucks-styled student Café was kept;


the eco-friendly Abby Café was also preserved;

Abby Café

The school also has some classrooms that can be changed at will;

an open library full of encyclopedias;


And a leisure area where students can sit in a rocking chair comfortably…

Activity Area