Office Design Trends of 2024 You Should Take Note Of

Discover the latest in office design! This blog highlights the key trends of 2024 that will shape your workspace. Let’s explore the future of work together. Designing for Well-being After the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a new era! Remote work has altered work habits and behaviors significantly. Offices are reevaluating designs, focusing on well-being. Downsizing unnecessary […]

Top 5 School Campus & Education Design

Step into an educational realm where innovation meets aesthetics, and functionality blends seamlessly with inspiration. Top campus design is not just a physical space; it’s a carefully curated environment designed to elevate the learning experience. From cutting-edge architecture that promotes collaboration to green spaces that inspire creativity, every element has been thoughtfully crafted. Its commitment […]

Top 5 Amazing Office Interior Designs

Ever wondered what defines the best office design? Join us as we explore the top 5 office interiors worldwide. From innovative concepts to seamlessly functional spaces, discover the epitome of global office interior excellence with us. Amazon How’s the office for Amazon being the world top online retailer? To create a large space for many […]

Leading Commercial Interior Designer In Singapore

Cactus Art’s Story Vol.4 “Satisfaction is when you see your clients truly love your piece of work.” Angie has been in the interior design industry for 28 years. With a good reputation and strong capability, Angie has long established a very fixed client base, most of whom are regulars who have worked with her for […]

Singapore Office Space Design Ideas

Cactus Art’s Story Vol.3 The blueprint designed by many interior design companies may be aesthetically pleasing but after the renovation process, the end result may differ drastically. To avoid this from happening, Angie insists on only working with high-quality suppliers to ensure that the effect after renovation is the same as the blueprint. According to […]

An Unique International School Interior Design Project

Cactus Art’s Story Vol.2 Retaining the Beauty of Design “If Ieoh Ming Pei (I.M.Pei) did not insist on his belief in his aesthetic and innovative ideas, the “huge gem in the Louvre Palace” will never be shining in the history of world’s architecture today.” Furen International School, the private school we mentioned in the earlier […]