Leading Commercial Interior Designer In Singapore

Leading Commercial Interior Designer In Singapore

Cactus Art’s Story Vol.4

“Satisfaction is when you see your clients truly love your piece of work."

Angie has been in the interior design industry for 28 years. With a good reputation and strong capability, Angie has long established a very fixed client base, most of whom are regulars who have worked with her for more than ten years. One such loyal customer is Beijing 101 (for over 10 years), where more than 70% of its stores were designed by Angie.

But for so many years, her original intention has never changed. Angie has never regarded design as work or business, but rather as art that she cherishes. Unlike many design companies where salespeople are always the first point of contact with the customers, the designers in her company always communicate directly with clients.

The reason is that not only do the designers of her company have strong listening and communication skills, but Angie also believes that the interactive relationship between designers and customers is the key to the success of design works.

When designers understand customer needs, they can create customised works, directly convey the design ideas to customers, listen to their feedback, and make timely adjustments. This ensures work efficiency and clients’ true satisfaction.

Nowadays, however, some companies are very bureaucratic, making it impossible for customers to directly explain their desired design to the person in charge. If an intermediary is to relay the messages between both parties, excellent designers will still be able to come up with beautiful designs, but these works are always “beautiful but soulless”.

Angie hopes that her works are not only beautiful but also unique and lively. Therefore, when she accepts design projects, she prefers to communicate directly with the person in charge.

“Customers’ genuine acceptance is what I pursue.” This is Angie’s intention from the start and the secret to all her beautiful designs all this while.

Cactus Art Design & Furnishing Pte Ltd

Founded in 1993, it is a local professional interior design company in Singapore. The company specializes in Design & Build for corporate office, F&B , Commercial project & Residential project. Over the years, the company has adhered to the concept of “advocating freedom and pursuing perfection” and its business philosophy to “survive by quality and develop by reputation”. The company has tailored every project to meet its customers’ needs with fair and reasonable prices, together with dedicated work processes so that each project can fully satisfy one’s visual enjoyment without compromising on safety and practicality.

Main faithful services:

  • The designers directly communicate with the customer so that customers can directly present the beautiful design they have in mind.
  • Only work with quality suppliers to ensure that the design outcome is consistent with the blueprints.
  • Every design will be environmentally friendly and maximize the use of space.