Top 5 Amazing Office Interior Designs

Top 5 Amazing Office Interior Designs

Ever wondered what defines the best office design? Join us as we explore the top 5 office interiors worldwide. From innovative concepts to seamlessly functional spaces, discover the epitome of global office interior excellence with us.


How’s the office for Amazon being the world top online retailer? To create a large space for many employees, the whole design concept is more to build a rainforest-environment, a special eco-system in the sphere acts as a greenhouse that is opposed to a typical office. The environment is open plan area that fill with plants and even the conference rooms build in the concept of “tree house”


BDP boasts a rich history of success since its establishment in 1961, and its designs are consistently aligned with the evolving needs of modern offices. Integrating various disciplines including architecture, engineering, and urban design, BDP adeptly navigates the challenges presented by a dynamic world. Drawing insights and ideas from across the globe, they have meticulously crafted their current office environment to facilitate collaborative thinking, discussions, and brainstorming within a strategically designed, expansive collaboration space.


Encompassing approximately 150,000 square metres, Nike NYC is a multifaceted facility, featuring offices, dining areas, a library, fitness facilities, and an indoor court. This expansive design fosters a dynamic and flexible work environment, empowering employees to derive inspiration and construct ideas without limitations. The headquarters accommodates up to 180 employees and is infused with various graphic elements, illustrations, and typographies

Trip Advisor

TripAdvisor, an advocate for global exploration, has invested considerable creative effort into their interior design. Each floor is meticulously designed to reflect various cultures and continents. One of the standout features is the courtyard, distinguished by its unique story concept designs.


In conclusion, the impact of office interior design cannot be overstated, and these top 5 designs exemplify the perfect blend of functionality, aesthetics, and employee well-being. From innovative spaces that foster collaboration to environments that promote creativity and productivity, these designs showcase the transformative power of thoughtful office interiors.