Singapore Office Space Design Ideas

Singapore Office Space Design Ideas

Cactus Art’s Story Vol.3

The blueprint designed by many interior design companies may be aesthetically pleasing but after the renovation process, the end result may differ drastically.

To avoid this from happening, Angie insists on only working with high-quality suppliers to ensure that the effect after renovation is the same as the blueprint.

According to Angie, “We have a good rapport with our renovation team and they know exactly what we want. Once they receive our design blueprint, they will purchase the right materials in strict accordance with the actual requirements of the project. The work quality will be rigorously controlled so that there will not be any cutting of corners. To ensure the progress and quality of the project, we will also send specialized personnel to supervise and check the quality of the raw materials. Strict process management provides the final assurance for the successful completion of the design.

Indeed, Angie has thus far practiced what she preached.

3D Drawing vs Reality

Angie took over a design and renovation project for a church event organization called CWM. The original site is made up of seven (7) separate small units and the corridor was lined with many unsightly emergency exits.

Angie’s team felt that such a layout was too restrictive and would not be able to meet the needs of the client. Therefore, after seeking their consent, the team made a bold decision to integrate the small units into one by hacking down the walls between the individual units. They revamped the overall original layout and changed all emergency doors to hidden doors.



Before & After

Women’s Delicateness

The delicateness of women helps designers to gain a more accurate insight into the customers’ inner needs and thereby, helps to maximize the balance of beauty and functionality of the design.

In the CWM project, Angie and her team wanted to create a sense of peace and joy, so they adopted a “Nordic style” design style that advocates simplicity and naturality, and strived to build a sense of warmth, comfort, and harmony for anyone who enters the office.

In addition, they added a lot of delicate ingenuity, such as incorporating CWM’s company with three-dimensional white dove bird elements and painting them onto the ceiling and walls, signifying the “sharing of the love of God with the world”; Another example was that the ceiling of the conference room was designed like a wavy scale, which implied the heavenly music and the melodious life.

To meet the customer’s dual needs, they designed a sliding glass door that can be written on, and installed a smart TV behind it.

In their project for the headquarter office of the well-known catering brand, 4 Fingers, their design retained the characteristics of the food industry. They presented an open space that can be used as both a restaurant and a meeting room.

The overall layout also echoed the style of 4 Fingers’ retail outlets, strengthening the corporate culture and industrial style.